Welcome to DFCasino, in a jungle of online casinos and with thousands of casino games on the market it can often be hard to find something you enjoy playing. Do you enjoy black jack? Roulette? Perhaps you prefer playing videopoker or videoslots? DFCasino will guide you with information and articles that are tailored to introduce anyone into the world of online casinos.

Try out your online casino before you register

When you first enter an online casino it might be a little daunting to see hundreds or thousands of casino games in perhaps a dozen categories with even more subcategories. It will become quite expensive if you want to try out every game for your own money. The solution is simple, play for free. Every casino offers you to play for playmoney without registering and find out which games you enjoy or even practice some of your strategies without the risk of losing money.

Online casinos offer all new and old members a slew of bonuses
Online casinos don’t have anything to comp you with so instead of giving you lunch in one of their restaurants they might decide to give you 50 free rounds on a new videoslot. Whenever a new videoslot is launched, online casinos want their customers to get the best games available. So rather than showing, they will let you try it with real money without paying a thing. All the money you win you get to keep, the casino money needs to reach a certain turnover before they are released. Often this ranges from 20-40x turnover rates, but since you never wagered any of your money in the first place, you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Get a bonus on your first deposit

Casinos will either offer you a bonus on your first deposit or free play time with a certain amount of money. The bonus on your first deposit varies on how much you deposit and how much they will match on your deposit. A common example is that a casino will give you 100% up to $100 on your first deposit, when you first make your deposit you will instantly have a total of $200 to play for. There is still a turnover on your bonus money, but they add a nice extra bankroll and safety buffer.

Play for free and win
A few casinos have chosen a different approach, instead of giving you a bonus on your first deposit they will let you play for an hour in any games you like (usually excludes progressive jackpots however) for a certain sum. In this case, let’s say you have received $500 to play for as much as you like in an hour. The casino will let you keep any sum above $500 once the hour finishes, meaning if you have $1000 in casino money after the hour, you win $500. If you instead have $100 after the hour, you win nothing but you lose nothing either. You usually don’t have to deposit to make use of this bonus and its available from the minute you register.