Malaysian Police Officials have announced that they’ll be cracking down on all forms of illegal gambling regardless if their online or land based. The Anti-Gambling Police Force which was specifically created for these kinds of crimes is setting up different raid plans for various illegal gambling raids. Each one of the raids will take place at the same time allowing for the police force to hit them hard at once. This in return won’t allow for the other gambling rings to pack up their operations and move to another location.

The new Anti-Gambling task force is focusing on land based and online gambling rings, their plans set of be enforced within the next coming weeks. The police officials have noted that the majority of the gambling raids will be taking place in lower valued neighborhoods and have noted that they will be protecting the low wage residents who live in that area. The unit during their raids will also be looking for information on illegal weapon trafficking, secret societies and drug trafficking rings as well.

The hope is that within one big sweep of these raids they’ll be able to abolish any online or land based gambling rings with the potential to gain or shut down any other illegal gambling activities as well. The leader of the new task force Mr. Hamidi commented on the future raids, “I know the task that we have set up is pretty difficult but it not an impossible one. We don’t want low income citizens to be effected by the different illegal activities taking place in their neighborhoods. These raids will help protect the youth in that area for multiple reasons.”

A Colorado Man, age 62 was arrested earlier on this month by police. This man was charged a couple days before he arrest was made final. He stood in front of the grand jury where they then indicted him of his charges towards running an illegal gambling ring.

Larry Kyle Richardson, the man behind the arrest was taken into custody by Boulder County police. Larry was charged for being the main operation in an illegal online gambling ring. The gambling ring took place between January 2012 and January 2013, during of which Larry was able to make $300,000. This amount if the minimum as that is all the money records that the police could recover from his belongings.

The Charge that Larry Kyle Richardson plead guilty to is a Class 2 Felony within the state of Colorado, this means that Larry will have to carry out a prison sentence for a long period of time. As of right now the bond for Larry’s release is $50,000.

Police allegedly gave Larry Kyle Richardson a percentage of the money he earned to fellow illegal online gambling operator Richard Hancock. Richard was also connected to an illegal gambling ring within the state of Oklahoma.
Others who might of potentially gotten money from Richardson include Dryden Mitchell, Roger Antablin and Teddy Mitchell. All of those names are also connected to the illegal gambling ring that was once held in Oklahoma making police wonder is Richardson was also connected to that gambling ring as well.

NordicBet, a well known online gambling firm announced that they will changing their policies in the new year. Starting in January 2014 the betting firm will change their policies to only allow for their betting services to be offered in Scandinavian countries. These countries consist of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

NordicBet, one of the leaders in sports betting and online gambling offers various different types of games for their players to enjoy. You can bet on your favorite sports, steam your sports and make live bets, video poker is available, live casino games, bingo games, slots and more. The majority of what they have to offer is also available in a mobile format as well.

The announcement of their policy was made via email. The company advised their players not located in the Scandinavian countries that they’ll be able to withdrawal all of their Poker, Bingo or Casino funds from their account until the January 2nd, 2014. They also mentioned that if you have funds in your poker account and don’t want to remove them that your funds will be transferred to your Sportsbook account and then your poker account will be closed.

Another notification was also sent to players outside of the Scandinavian zone saying, “You’ll be able to withdrawal all your Sportsbook funds thirty days after our policies have been completely changed.” The notification was directed towards players of Betsson casino which will still offer the NordicBet Sports betting services to all players outside of the Scandinavian zone.

This move will be final and effective as of January 2nd, 2014.

Net Entertainment, one of the largest developers for online casino games announced today that they have entered a new content supply deal with UK Based online casino Bet365.

This new deal will allow for Bet365 and their various other gambling properties to be given access to the Net Entertainment software. Players of Bet365 will now be able to enjoy slots and other casino games developed by Net Entertainment. Games that will be released on the initial launch includes Scarface, Jack Hammer, Frankenstein and more.

The Managing Director for Bet365 Steve Ibberson commented on the new content supply deal saying, “Net Entertainment is one of the leaders for online gambling development. We are honored to provide their top quality content on our gambling platforms, we’ll also be proving the Net Entertainment mobile casino games on our mobile platform as well.”

The Managing Director of Net Entertainment Bjorn Krantz also commented on the content deal saying, “We have firm beliefs that Bet365 will become one of the biggest players in online gambling, we know that one day they’ll become one of the most played online casinos on the internet. We just hope the Bet365 players love our gambling software.”

Online casinos that are currently supplying the Net Entertainment software include Bet365 and all of their gambling properties, 888, Ladbrokes, Sky Vegas, Paddy Power and William Hill.