A lucky player was able to trigger a massive jackpot while playing Melon Madness. The jackpot that this player triggered is unique as it is played across multiple video slots. The Big One Mega Cash Jackpot is the largest jackpot offered at Party Casino and is often over $100,000. The lucky player was able to win $160,645.

Melon Madness is a fruit inspired video slot. This 5 reel, 30 payline video slot offers various game features such as wilds and automatic spins. You’ll come across various fruit such as grapes, cherries, melons, bananas, watermelon, apples, poker symbols, bar symbols and more.

The Big One Mega Cash Jackpot is a five part progressive jackpot. The largest of the five part progressive jackpot is the colossal cash jackpot, the second largest is mega cash, the third is super cash, the fourth is quick cash and the final jackpot in this series jackpots is Blitz Cash. The list of jackpots goes in order of largest to lowest in amount.

We cannot report any details on this jackpot win. We can report that the jackpot that was triggered earlier on this month is considerably larger than the regular amount of $101,000 won normally with “The Big One Mega Cash Jackpot”. When more information on this jackpot win is released we will inform you on the details. We look forward to what Party Casino and the online punter have to say about the win.

Sheldon Adelson, an owner of land based casinos, and his Coalition have been attempting to gain the signatures of 50 State Attorney Generals on a petition. This petition would urge Congress to ban all forms of online gambling on a federal level but has quickly become a failure for Mr. Adelson. Only fifteen State Attorney Generals have signed the petition, leaving 35 out of the equation.

The number of signatures is far beyond the amount which was set by the Sheldon Adelson Coalition. No matter what Mr. Adelson does it seems he cannot stop the massive wave that is online gambling. He also tried to have this letter put into Congress in 2007, during that year he was able to gain 40 signatures which is still ten to low.

The current states that signed include: Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, Vermont and also Guam. Each one of these states have yet to consider online gambling as a major source of income unlike New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware.

The Poker Player Alliance Executive Director John Pappas commented on the failure saying, “We would of preferred to have seen no one sign this petition but none the less. 15 is a considerably lower amount then the 40 who signed it in 2007. This shows that more people are becoming fans of online gambling and want it to be legalized. Mr. Adelson has yet to comment on the lack of signatures and we doubt he will.”