SnowCat, an betting firm in the online gambling market announced the signing of a distribution deal with Leander Games. This deal will allow for all of the games developed by Leander to be added onto the SnowCat platform.

Leander Games

SnowCat has recently been making a series of distribution deals. They’ve signed alongside Playson Limited, UMA Premium Group and Matchless Games United. SnowCat marks the most recent deal and the final one in SnowCats efforts to re-innovate their gambling platform.

Mitchell Ranking, the SnowCat Co-Founder commented on the deal saying, “We have known the team behind Leander Games for a long period of time and are pleased to see the recognition their getting for their efforts to create a high quality gambling platform. We believe that both of our companies will be able to innovate what online gambling is. We can now continue to further our success as a gambling operator and hope that this distribution deal will shed new opportunities for both SnowCat and Leander Games.”

Steven Matsell, the CEO behind Leander Games also stated the following, “SnowCat has only been a part of the online gambling market for the last two years, they have been able to prove that they can provide a quality gambling experience. We are honored to be partnered alongside them and hope that our efforts can bring success upon both of our companies. We also hope that our efforts will bring an experience that has yet to be seen in the online gambling market. We will be listening to our community of punters in order to find out how we can better our gaming platform.”

A Swedish Court has sentenced seven individuals who were a part of a fraud case that involved multiple online poker rooms. They sentenced the ringleaders with jail time while the low level operators were given probation for the crimes they committed.
This case was brought to the courts after a long time investigation by the Swedish Gambling Online Regulator and Swedish law enforcement agencies. Backing themselves up by multiple pieces of evidence the two agencies took it upon themselves to take these seven individuals to court.

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These group of criminals were said to steal hundreds of pieces of private of information from several different online poker rooms over the course of a four year time period. Using details stolen from customer accounts they would launder the money to various other bank accounts they held in different names. Those who were arrested have not been identified as they have stolen and destroyed the lives of many people.
The two ringleaders were from Stockholm and Karlstad, they were given two and a half years in Prison. After they are released from prison they will have to spend a year and half in supervised probation.

Erik Sjoholm, the Operations Manager behind the Swedish Gambling Online Regulated commented on the sentencing saying, “I am thrilled with the results of this sentencing. Each one of these seven individuals took it upon themselves to destroy the lives of multiple individuals. Their names have remained unknown to the public as they could be threatened with death.”