Paddy Power has recently been in the media the last year for a variety of hoax’s they have played on the citizens of England. Earlier on this year Paddy Power went to the British Billboard Music Awards, dressing up two of their employee’s as Dead Mouse and then those employee’s stripped down to their underwear which had the Paddy Power Logo. This resulted in Paddy Power receiving free advertising and having a massive increase in player activity.

billboard music awards logo

Today the casino posted an image that read “C’mon England PP” which was a message towards the English Fifa Football Team, the media then revolted against Paddy Power believing that the casino actually tore down a Brazilian Rainforest in order to root for their home team, this image was nothing more than another hoax from Paddy Power.
Paddy Power made a direct comment to the media after they were torn up in the media, their statement read: “We would have thought that everyone would have been smart enough to realize that we’d never decimate a Brazilian Rainforest in order to root for England. We are an online gambling casino and don’t have the means to do something like this, even if we did we would never even consider it. We consider ourselves to be pranksters and people should come to accept that most of the time we aren’t being serious with our advertisements.”

Paddy Power was essentially saying screw you as they have been working with Greenpeace for the last two years saving the very same forest that was in the image. If only the media had done their research.

The world now has two main gambling destinations, the first and largest out of the two is now Macau, while the second is Las Vegas. The month of May brought poor numbers for Macau, through the gambling destination continued to grow for the month of May they weren’t able to earn the same amount of money that they have been earning during the last six months. Analysts believe that Macau was still able to earn billions of Patacas for the month of May, more money than any other industry in China makes.


Macau Gambling Officials made a statement to the media saying, “We have had a slower month during May and this is alright, everyone working at the casinos could use the break just as we could. We still have been able to turn a profit, earning more than enough money to pay for all of our expensive and employees while turning a profit for the industry. This is all that matters, we might not have been able to earn the same amounts that we have been constituently during the last six months but we suspect that during the summer seasons our revenues will increase tenfold.”

Macau was still able to bring in 33 Billion Patacas for the month of May. Analysts believe that next month the market could grow by 13 to 15 Percent with the potential of the market growing by 25 Percent by the end of July. This will all be thanks to the summer tourists coming to visit the world’s largest gambling destination.