Quickfire, a subsidiary platform operated by Microgaming has been growing in popularity this last year. Microgaming has wanted to continue its growth which lead to them announcing that they’ve signed a deal with BetDigital. This new deal will see all of BetDigital’s games loaded onto the Quickfire platform and loaded onto every casino offering the Quickfire Platform.

This deal also has a unique twist to it as Quickfire will now take each one of BetDigital’s brick and mortar slots, port them over to an HTML5 & Flash Format and then offer them under the Quickfire Platform. Slots such as Fantastic Fruits, Superpots Bar-X, Caesars Palace and more will now become a video slot.
It’s expected that each one of these new slots will be released by the end of 2014. As for the slots that are currently developed by BetDigital for online play, they’ll be ported over to the Quickfire Platform within the upcoming weeks. This isn’t the first time that Quickfire has made a deal such as this, it allows for them to grow their platform and provide a unique experience.
Microgaming’s Neill Whyte appears to be delighted by this deal, he’s said that BetDigital’s popularity will allow for Quickfire to grow as a platform and take one more step to being as popular as the Microgaming platform.
We will make you aware of all updates released regarding this new deal, we suspect that BetDigital will continue to develop new casino games in the future and that those games will also be offered under the Quickfire Platform. There hasn’t been any conformation of that information but it’s a common factor in a content deal.