The World Series of Poker is continually becoming more popular throughout the world. Those in Europe, Canada & other notable countries crave for a poker tournament such as the WSOP. Due to this the World Series of Poker is holding their first ever European poker tournament in Berlin, Germany. This tournament is currently underway right now & apparently is the largest poker tournament to ever hit the country of Germany.

World Series of Poker

Throughout October 8th to the 25th there’ll be dozens to hundreds of different poker games being played in Berlin. There’ll be ten gold bracelet tournaments which provides whomever wins with an astonishing amount of money as well as a gold bracelet that very few in the world have. Each one of the ten gold bracelet tournaments will be broadcasted on the internet via Pokerfirma & Twitch to the world. Those whom wish to watch it on the television can do so on Sport1, ESPN & Sky Sports. The main event allows for a maximum of twenty five thousand and six hundred euro’s to be won. This is more than $50,000 in American/Canadian dollars.

There is still the chance to sign up for the tournament for the next few days. Those whom wish to enter during the beginners round will easily be able to do so. There is no word as to whom has moved forward in the tournament right now. Due to it being day one there won’t be any news regarding who’s in the leading during the next few days. Regardless hop on a plane & potentially win the European World Series of Poker.