The World Series of Poker is continually becoming more popular throughout the world. Those in Europe, Canada & other notable countries crave for a poker tournament such as the WSOP. Due to this the World Series of Poker is holding their first ever European poker tournament in Berlin, Germany. This tournament is currently underway right now & apparently is the largest poker tournament to ever hit the country of Germany.

World Series of Poker

Throughout October 8th to the 25th there’ll be dozens to hundreds of different poker games being played in Berlin. There’ll be ten gold bracelet tournaments which provides whomever wins with an astonishing amount of money as well as a gold bracelet that very few in the world have. Each one of the ten gold bracelet tournaments will be broadcasted on the internet via Pokerfirma & Twitch to the world. Those whom wish to watch it on the television can do so on Sport1, ESPN & Sky Sports. The main event allows for a maximum of twenty five thousand and six hundred euro’s to be won. This is more than $50,000 in American/Canadian dollars.

There is still the chance to sign up for the tournament for the next few days. Those whom wish to enter during the beginners round will easily be able to do so. There is no word as to whom has moved forward in the tournament right now. Due to it being day one there won’t be any news regarding who’s in the leading during the next few days. Regardless hop on a plane & potentially win the European World Series of Poker.

Online gambling software developer GW Games has revealed their latest slot for the month of September. This new addition to their platform of games is called “Wok Star”. This slot will be specifically distributed through the Odobo Gaming Platform.

Odobo Gaming

This new video slot has been developed as a 5 reel, 20 payline casino game. An Asian food theme is apparent from the moment this game is loaded. Sushi, Noodles, Bowls, Coffee and much more will make an appearance as icons on the reels. On top of that free spins, wilds, win multipliers and scatters also await whomever plays this game. There is also a pick’em styled bonus round which has players choose from an array of bowls in order to reveal cash prizes. This slot is already live & available to be played on Betfair, a well-known & secure online casino. There’ll be other online casinos which adopt this video slot in the future as well. This due to the fact that Odobo’s platform allows for licensees to choose specific slots instead of grouped series.

The Commercial Director at GW Games made a comment regarding this slot’s release stating, “We’ve been able to secure an exclusive deal with one of the biggest gambling operators in the globe. We’ve opted to build this game and future titles for the Odobo platform. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time working with the Odobo team.” This game will surely reach popularity in the upcoming months. Currently in order to play this slot those who wish to do so must register an account with Betfair.

Unibet, one of the more well-known global online gambling operators announced today that they’ve signed a deal to purchase gambling operators “iGaming Holding” for a total of seventy nine million euro’s. This deal has come as a surprise as Unibet made no teases relating to the idea of purchasing out iGame Holding’s.


Unibet will have to pay fifty nine million in cash upfront for this deal to pan through, an additional twenty millions euros will be paid out as well if performance goals are reached within the next two years. 100% of this company is being sold off to Unibet, this means that the previous owners of iGame Holding’s won’t have any shares in the company anymore. As of now iGame Holding’s focuses their attention on the Nordic online betting industry, one of the largest upcoming industry in the world. They gross revenues of thirteen million euro’s or more per quarter. As of right now this gambling firm holds seventy five thousand active customers with that number increasing with each passing month.

This deal will more than likely pan through for Unibet in every way they wish for it to. The Nordic gambling market is increasing with every week, citizens from around the area are registering account with casinos at a rapid rate. iGame Holding’s is known for being one of the few true notable operators in the market right now, this only means more profit for Unibet in the upcoming future. Unibet will surely also make this platform for more exciting for punters as well. announced today that they are the first Bitcoin based online casino to make a content supply deal with Net Entertainment. This announcement came as a shock & shows that Bitcoin based casinos are starting to rise in popularity.

As of right now this deal with allow for the CoinGaming platform to have access to over one hundred and fifty different HTML5 based video slots and thirty different mobile slots. The first games that are making their transition over to the casino in the upcoming days is Starburst, Jack Hammer, South Park, Gonzo’s Quest and several others. These are some of Net Entertainment’s most popular titles & it’ll surely allow for CoinGaming to reach to a new height of popularity. All new games that are released by Net Entertainment will also be ported over to this Bitcoin casino as well. The Communications Director at CoinGaming, Mark McGuinness stated that Net Entertainment is one of the leading developers for digitally distributed casino games and that their software is used by the industry’s most successful casinos. Mr. McGuinness noted that this confirmed to them that Net Ent was a for sure thing and that their delighted to now have this platform on their casino.

Those who enjoy Bitcoin based gambling can now experience the Net Entertainment software at CoinGaming. It is only available at this casino with no word as to if any other Bitcoin based casinos will be receiving the platform in the future. All of the Net Entertainment titles will be ported over to CoinGaming in the next month.

Win Trillions is now an online casino that has closed their doors. This casino which was only open in the online gambling market for two years has closed their doors due to a series of money issues that caused for the casino to go bankrupt. This announcement has come as a shock as Win Trillions made no indications in the past that they were struggling with financials.

Win Trillions

Win Trillions has an opportunity to be an elite casino as it is powered directly through Playtech. Within less than two years upon the day it was founded it seems that this platform & their profitable gambling promotions weren’t enough for it to thrive in the market. This casino was licensed through the Alderney Gambling Commission and was owned by Ledonford LTD. This company which also owns the Conga Lotto Aposta Euromilhoes hasn’t made any indications that they plan on reviving this casino in the future.

Those players who have winnings within their accounts began to express as to how they would receive those funds upon finding out that the casino closed its doors less than a week ago. Already Win Trillions has stated that they’ve begun to pay off the full amount that they owe to their players and will continue to do so until every winning has been paid.

In a short statement Win Trillions said, “We’re sorry to our players that enjoyed the gambling experience we offered. Due to a series of money issues we’ve had to shut our doors down for good but we promise to pay off all the winnings owed to our fans.”

BetSoft Gaming

BetSoft Gaming continues to impress their core group of fans with their latest video slot “Mega Glam Life”. This slot is the sequel to the first slot in this new series called. “The Glam Life” which was released more than a year ago. This new slots has kicked up the ante with new cars, cell phones, planes and more being showcased.

Mega Glam Life has been revealed as a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot which features Betsoft’s famous & well known 3D Visuals. The theme of this slot caters and emphasizes on the glamor life seen in Hollywood. There are also a number of different features available to be triggered including scatter icons, sticky wilds, a bonus round and free games. There is also a progressive jackpot available to be triggered through this slot.

BetSoft Gaming commented on the release of this slot stating, “Mega Glam Life just isn’t a slot but it is also a stunning escape into a brand new world of wealth. We’ve been able to capture the elusive element that comes with this world and it’s allowed for a compelling world of luxury to be created in brilliant 3D Visuals. BetSoft is confident it’ll be popular across all demographics.”

Mega Glam is sure to be an exciting & fun slot for all those who wish to play it. All that is required is that a player account be registered with a casino supplying the BetSoft Platform.

Microgaming has always been the software developer that wishes to please their punters. Regardless of how much effort they must put into their games or how long they must work, Microgaming gets the job done right and it’s for that reason that after two decades they remain the top developer in the industry. Today this pleasing developer revealed that they’ve released several new slots for the beginning for the year. This is a major announcement as normally Microgaming releases one to two slots per month, never seven. This’ll allow for players to have a series of brand new gambling experiences.


These new games are designed for both of Microgaming’s platform (PC & Mobile), this’ll allow for you to play these new games on the go and from the comfort of your home. The new games include Big Kahuna, Vegas Downtown Blackjack & Big Kahuna for their mobile platform. The Microgaming Mobile Platform works for both the Android operating system & Apple operating system.

The two new games that have come to the PC Microgaming Platform is Gung Pow & Castle Builder. Gung Pow stands as a 5 reel, 243 payline slot that honors the Chinese New Year & has an array of features such as a triple payout. Castle Builder on the other hand is unique as it allows for players to build a maximum of thirty castles, earning an array of cash prizes along the way.

Those wishing to play any of these new slots on either platform can do so by taking on a player account at a casino which provides the Microgaming PC & Mobile Platforms.

Casino Saga is a relativity brand new online casino which gives players a unique experience to their gambling. This unique experience comes in the form of an island, various locations on the island act as different platforms offered at the casino. The RPG-Esque online casino will have just a new section unlocked within the island as Casino Saga revealed that they have finalized a content supply deal with Play’n Go. This new deal will have the entire length of the Play’n Go platform ported over to Casino Saga.

This casino which only launched earlier on this year has already been gaining a fair amount of popularity. This is due to its unique format that offers players a leveling system and quests on the game map, players can complete certain quests which are revolved around the games offered at this casino and then level up their avatars. Eventually players will become on the mightiest on the island and also stack up big winning combinations as well.

This also potentially means that Casino Saga will be making their way to the mobile gambling market as well as Play’n Go is highly known for providing one of the best mobile platforms known to the market. There has been no official word claiming that Casino Saga will be offering a mobile variant of their casino in the near future.
Those wishing to experience this astonishingly exciting online casino have the opportunity to do so by registering an account with Casino Saga. You will find that your experience revels anything else that you’ve previously played in the online gambling market.

BetSoft Gaming, a software developer making innovations with every new slot they release revealed today their latest video slot “Mega Gems”. The first thing you notice when first playing this slot is that it resembles the disco with bright neon colours . You also notice the variety of features that come loaded with this slot which include wild reels, wild substitutes, free spins, scatters, a progressive jackpot and a bonus round.

Mega Gems

Those six game features will allow for punters to give you that much better of an opportunity at triggering one of the larger winning combinations. This 5 reel, All Payline slot will allow for punters to easily indentify if they’ve triggered the progressive jackpot. When five of the Jackpot Symbols appear on all five of the reels you will trigger the progressive.

Multiple online casinos are currently offering this video slot. In order to play Mega Gems you will be required to sign up a player account with one of the online casinos offering this video slot. You then will have to provide a liable payment method such as a Credit Card or Debit Card. Depending on which bonus you choose when you first sign up with one of these casinos you will have to deposit a certain amount of money and then finally players will be able to experience everything that Mega Gems has to offer.
We will inform you of any new online casinos that gain the right to offer this video slot.

Quickfire, a subsidiary platform operated by Microgaming has been growing in popularity this last year. Microgaming has wanted to continue its growth which lead to them announcing that they’ve signed a deal with BetDigital. This new deal will see all of BetDigital’s games loaded onto the Quickfire platform and loaded onto every casino offering the Quickfire Platform.

This deal also has a unique twist to it as Quickfire will now take each one of BetDigital’s brick and mortar slots, port them over to an HTML5 & Flash Format and then offer them under the Quickfire Platform. Slots such as Fantastic Fruits, Superpots Bar-X, Caesars Palace and more will now become a video slot.
It’s expected that each one of these new slots will be released by the end of 2014. As for the slots that are currently developed by BetDigital for online play, they’ll be ported over to the Quickfire Platform within the upcoming weeks. This isn’t the first time that Quickfire has made a deal such as this, it allows for them to grow their platform and provide a unique experience.
Microgaming’s Neill Whyte appears to be delighted by this deal, he’s said that BetDigital’s popularity will allow for Quickfire to grow as a platform and take one more step to being as popular as the Microgaming platform.
We will make you aware of all updates released regarding this new deal, we suspect that BetDigital will continue to develop new casino games in the future and that those games will also be offered under the Quickfire Platform. There hasn’t been any conformation of that information but it’s a common factor in a content deal.