High 5 Games is an operator that we know all too and well, not only do they developer video slots for online punters but they also develop slot machines for land based punters. They’ve created hundreds of slots like “City of Lights”, “Crystal Kingdom” or “Dangerous Beauty”. Today High 5 Games revealed that they’ve released three different mobile gambling apps to the iOS and Android Platform. You can now experience everything High 5 Games has to offer on either your iPhone, iPad or Android Mobile Devices.


These apps have been named “High 5 Casino” and “Shake the Sky Casino”, both of which are currently available on Android Devices. Shake the Sky on the other hand is only available for iOS Based Devices. As of right now a total of fifty five video slots have been ported over to these mobile casino apps. Twenty five slots have been ported over to “High 5 Casino” while twenty five slots have been ported over to “Shake the Sky Casino”.

Shake the Sky Casino, which is available for both mobile platforms is an Asian focused casino. It includes a total of twenty five video slots and also offers an array of video poker casino games as well. You can download and play at both of these casinos by going to the operator’s website, you will then have to register an account and deposit money through one of their many payment methods. Then you will be able to experience some of the best mobile gambling experiences known to man.

One fortunate punter has been lucky enough to trigger a large jackpot while playing “Jackpot Joker Poker”. This winning punter was able to take home a total of €180,943 after taxes. This stands as the largest jackpot ever won for this video poker based casino game. The previous largest jackpot to be won through this video poker game is only forty seventy thousand Euro’s which is considerably low for such an old casino game.


PAF for those of you who don’t know is an online casino that offers punters video slots, bingo games, table games, card games, online poker, sports betting and live casino games. They offer the Net Entertainment software which means you will be getting some of the best gambling experiences known to the online betting market.
This jackpot came to light after PAF revealed that this jackpot was won at their casino and alongside their announcement came a statement from the winning punter.

The winning punter said, “I’ve been gambling online for only a year now and within that one year I’ve won a couple of hundred Euro’s here and there. I never thought that in such a short period of time I’d win €180,943. I owe my thanks to PAF for offering this video poker game and therefore allowing for me to win this money. My family will be pleased to hear that were going on a massive family vacation, it’s always been a goal of mine to do this for my family and without PAF Casino I more than likely wouldn’t have accomplished that goal.”

Crown Resorts is an Australian land based resort that offers top quality dining, family fun shows, luxurious pools and so much more for the family or yourself to enjoy. Those gamblers looking for a vacation will be happy to know that Crown Resorts has now acquired Betfair Australasia for $10 Million Australian Dollars.

Throughout the last ten years Crown Resorts has been working alongside Betfair Australasia to offer their resorts a premium gambling service. They’ve split the profit fifty percent between each other but now Crown Resorts wants to the full package, regardless if that means they have to spend a bit more time operating both of the resort and casino as the same time. Betfair Australasia was purchased for a smaller price due to a net loss of A$1.8 Million that occurred last year.

Betfairs CEO Breon Corcoran stated the following while speaking to reporters, “We are pleased to have signed a long term agreement that facilitates Betfair’s continued participation in the fast growing, licensed Australian market alongside a partner with a strong local presence. This represents an extension of Betfair’s B2B operations and is a new and profitable operating model for the exchange.”

Miss. Corcoran expanded on her thoughts saying, “Betfair has concurrently entered into an agreement with Crown to continue to provide its betting exchange in Australasia under a B2B model and will receive a share of revenues generated by the exchange in those markets. Under the agreement, customers of Betfair and Crown will continue to benefit from pooled liquidity arrangements.”

Net Entertainment continues to remain one of the key players in the development of online gambling software. Each month they marvel the industry by releasing new games to their thousands of loyal fans. This month Net Entertainment released an upgraded version of Mega Fortune to their punters, for those of you who don’t know Mega Fortune is the most popular slot to be released by Net Entertainment and holds the record for the largest paying progressive jackpot ever won online.


Mega Fortune Dreams is an upgraded version of the Guinness World Record Holding video slot. The dream about this slot is that it offers improved visuals, added game features and a complete overhaul on its design. One of the things that has remained in Mega Fortune Dreams is the massive winning progressive jackpots that could be won through Mega Fortune. This is clearly pointed out in the Mega Fortune Dreams release trailer.

Mega Fortune Dreams is currently available at a variety of different online casinos. One of the casinos currently offering this new slot is CasinoSaga. The Head of Gaming for Net Entertainment said the following, “We have been looking forward to the day when we could release Mega Fortune Dreams. We knew our loyal punters would embrace this new slot and we can’t wait to see the reaction we get from our fans. Players can still expect those big wins and glorious visuals within Mega Fortune Dreams, that is one thing we haven’t changed in this new installment of Mega Fortune.”

Vegas Partner Lounge, one of the better known parent companies in the online gambling market revealed this week that they will be closing Sun Vegas Casino and Cinema Casino as of July 10th. This shocked punters all around the world as Sun Vegas Casino and Cinema Casino have a mass amount of punters betting on a regular basis. The Vegas Partner Lounge didn’t reveal as to why they are closing these two gambling properties, it more than likely has to do with either profit percentages or new laws in these casinos respective countries.


The punters who play at Sun Vegas Casino or Cinema Casino will be ported over to a variety of other casinos owned by the Vegas Partner Lounge. Those casinos include Casino Mate, Crazy Vegas Casino, Maple Casino, Casino UK and Golden Riviera Casino. Golden Riviera, Crazy Vegas and Maple Casinos are all famous online casinos that provide punters with large winning combinations on a daily basis.

The money you have in your player account will also be ported over to your new player account at anyone of the casinos listed above. Due to these casinos receiving punters from Sun Vegas and Cinema Casino those players can expect new promotions to be offered to them. This in return means more of a winning opportunity for you when you first start playing at one of the casinos we have listed up for you above.
We will inform you on any updates regarding these casinos closure.

Paddy Power has recently been in the media the last year for a variety of hoax’s they have played on the citizens of England. Earlier on this year Paddy Power went to the British Billboard Music Awards, dressing up two of their employee’s as Dead Mouse and then those employee’s stripped down to their underwear which had the Paddy Power Logo. This resulted in Paddy Power receiving free advertising and having a massive increase in player activity.

billboard music awards logo

Today the casino posted an image that read “C’mon England PP” which was a message towards the English Fifa Football Team, the media then revolted against Paddy Power believing that the casino actually tore down a Brazilian Rainforest in order to root for their home team, this image was nothing more than another hoax from Paddy Power.
Paddy Power made a direct comment to the media after they were torn up in the media, their statement read: “We would have thought that everyone would have been smart enough to realize that we’d never decimate a Brazilian Rainforest in order to root for England. We are an online gambling casino and don’t have the means to do something like this, even if we did we would never even consider it. We consider ourselves to be pranksters and people should come to accept that most of the time we aren’t being serious with our advertisements.”

Paddy Power was essentially saying screw you as they have been working with Greenpeace for the last two years saving the very same forest that was in the image. If only the media had done their research.

The world now has two main gambling destinations, the first and largest out of the two is now Macau, while the second is Las Vegas. The month of May brought poor numbers for Macau, through the gambling destination continued to grow for the month of May they weren’t able to earn the same amount of money that they have been earning during the last six months. Analysts believe that Macau was still able to earn billions of Patacas for the month of May, more money than any other industry in China makes.


Macau Gambling Officials made a statement to the media saying, “We have had a slower month during May and this is alright, everyone working at the casinos could use the break just as we could. We still have been able to turn a profit, earning more than enough money to pay for all of our expensive and employees while turning a profit for the industry. This is all that matters, we might not have been able to earn the same amounts that we have been constituently during the last six months but we suspect that during the summer seasons our revenues will increase tenfold.”

Macau was still able to bring in 33 Billion Patacas for the month of May. Analysts believe that next month the market could grow by 13 to 15 Percent with the potential of the market growing by 25 Percent by the end of July. This will all be thanks to the summer tourists coming to visit the world’s largest gambling destination.

Facebook, the largest social media website in the world announced today that they have purchased the Oculus Rift VR for $2 Billion. This is one of the largest buyouts that has ever been seen for a relatively new company. Oculus VR is a company that created a new headset that allowed for the beginning stages of Virtual Reality. Facebook has purchased this headset not for video games but instead as a teaching tool that will be able to be used in homes as well as schools.


This could be one of the best things that Facebook has ever done. Just imagine that you could teach the young or the old new skill sets through a headset. It’d be a new way of thinking that would allow for information to be processed faster in the human mind while making it more enjoyable to learn those new skill sets.

Facebook released a statement regarding their purchasing of Oculus VR, Stating: “We have purchased Oculus VR in hopes that we will be able to advance this new technology as a teaching tool for any students, may they be young or old. Instead of having to go into your booklet, take down all the notes and process all of that information slowly. You will now to taught the subject, be able to make the software save certain videos from the subjects curriculum and then replay those videos back to you. You could memorize the entire subject within a matter of weeks, this in return will allow for us to gain intelligence at a faster rate.”

Daredevil, one of the most popular comic book characters to ever be created is getting the royal treatment once again but this time it will be on Netflix. Previous to the new Netflix series, Daredevil was a comic book and then became a movie starring Ben Afflek. Daredevil is based around a man who goes blind at a young age, throughout the years he is able to harness his other senses to a super human strength and then begins training physically on an entire new level.

Daredevil comic

Joe Quesada, the director behind the new Netflix Series gave some insight as to what the new Daredevil Series will be like, saying: “Marvel has planned to create this new Daredevil series like a movie. Instead of having one episode where Matt Murdoch will fight one villain, defeats them and move slightly up in his love life we will have a full season with Matt faces off against one villain and defeats them by a miracle. Throughout the series you will see him progress onwards as a fighter, lover and protector of his city.”

There is no date as to when the new Daredevil series will be released. Marvel or Netflix have yet to release a trailer let alone the name of the actor who will be playing the role of Matt Murdoch. Regardless we know that Marvel takes any project seriously, resulting in an excellent viewing experience regardless of what property it might be. That’s the very reason as to why Agents of Shield is so exciting and popular within one season.”

SnowCat, an betting firm in the online gambling market announced the signing of a distribution deal with Leander Games. This deal will allow for all of the games developed by Leander to be added onto the SnowCat platform.

Leander Games

SnowCat has recently been making a series of distribution deals. They’ve signed alongside Playson Limited, UMA Premium Group and Matchless Games United. SnowCat marks the most recent deal and the final one in SnowCats efforts to re-innovate their gambling platform.

Mitchell Ranking, the SnowCat Co-Founder commented on the deal saying, “We have known the team behind Leander Games for a long period of time and are pleased to see the recognition their getting for their efforts to create a high quality gambling platform. We believe that both of our companies will be able to innovate what online gambling is. We can now continue to further our success as a gambling operator and hope that this distribution deal will shed new opportunities for both SnowCat and Leander Games.”

Steven Matsell, the CEO behind Leander Games also stated the following, “SnowCat has only been a part of the online gambling market for the last two years, they have been able to prove that they can provide a quality gambling experience. We are honored to be partnered alongside them and hope that our efforts can bring success upon both of our companies. We also hope that our efforts will bring an experience that has yet to be seen in the online gambling market. We will be listening to our community of punters in order to find out how we can better our gaming platform.”