The history of Online Casinos

History BooksThe history of online casinos is as colorful as one would expect. Online casinos first began to appear in 1996 and since that point in time the online casino industry has become a billion dollar industry. As people began to explore the internet online casinos began to increase as an incredible pace. In the early days there was only a limited amount of casinos online for player to choose from. This was due to the limited number of software companies that had entered this market and those that did were new to this type of industry in a general sense.

As the years progressed more companies began to enter the industry and began to create casino games. This is where the history of online casinos really began to grab hold in so far that it was a cemented industry that was set to see continued growth. That growth has been remarkable when you consider the number of online casinos that are operating online today. That number exceeds 2500 online casino and this does not factor in other types of gambling such as poker, bingo, sportsbetting or live casinos.

As online casinos increased so too did the opportunity for dishonest operates to enter the market and cause havoc with players due to dishonest business practises. This led to multiple licensing bodies being formed such as The Maltese Gambling Authority and certification programs such as eCOGRA. Those casinos that operated both in the past and present opted to become fully licensed and adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations that governs how they operate. This led to a higher level of confidence being created within the industry. Those that drove this level of change were the very people behind the software that powers many of the online casinos as they understood that by not having such within the industry that it would fail to see its true potential.

The results have allowed online casinos to soar and today they operate to a set of standards that rivals any of those found in land based casinos. It is expected that the online casino and for that matter online gambling as a whole, will continue to see substantial growth in the year ahead as players become educated on the safety of online casinos and how they offer them a superior experience than what they experience in a land based casino.  As new technology is released it will improve the experience and options that are offered to players through online casinos.

The latest of those is the live casino. Live casinos currently offer players the ability to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker in a live casino online. This is done through wither a direct link to table in a real casino or through studios that house multiple cameras and allow for live chatting. The result has seen an explosion within this new sector and as technology improves it is expected to see additional casino games being offered.

The history of online casinos is far from over and in fact has just begun. Get ready as the fun is only going to get bigger and better!